BriarLeigh114x150Voting for episode 10 closed October 11th, 2013.  The majority of readers voted: She pretends to agree with her grandfather so he will lead her to Eric and she can protect him.

Episode 11

Knowing she could never get her grandfather to agree with her, Briarleigh pretended to believe that Charles was right so that he would let her go with him to find Eric. To her surprise it worked, and after agreeing to do exactly what he said, Briarleigh left with her grandfather to hunt the love of her life.

They were following the trail in the woods when Briarleigh felt something inside her scream that Eric was near. It was so strong she felt like she would fall over at any moment, and then there he was, standing in front of her staring as if he couldn’t believe she was there. Then, as if out of thin air, a silver bullet hit him in the shoulder above his heart and he collapsed. After what felt like a century Briarleigh finally lifted her eyes off Eric long enough to see her Grandfather standing a few inches away from them holding a gun.

In an instant, Charles had seen the lust and desire in his granddaughter’s eyes for the monster and knew Eric must die, though not before Charles questioned him to find out where the others were hiding.

Seeing the devastation on his granddaughter’s face at what he had done, he decided to tie up and load Eric on his own as not to add pain to Briarleigh’s heart.  But as he reached to pick Eric’s body off the ground BriarLeigh stepped in front of him and growled, showing her fangs. Though not scared of her, but more out of respect for her, he let her help him up and they quietly walked back to the truck. Once everyone was loaded, Charles drove them back to the hotel and let Briarleigh carry Eric inside, then quickly dismissed her. When Briarleigh refused he dragged her out kicking and screaming and locked the door behind her.

After tying Eric to one of the chairs from the table in their room he pulled out the small bag he had brought with him. He quickly opened it revealing daggers made one hundred percent out of silver, and proved it by touching one to Eric’s skin.      

Charles pulled the dagger away, leaving behind a burn that went away as quickly as it came, while behind him Briarleigh watched through the window begging him with her eyes to stop.

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