The Hapless Detectives

Dectective75x99Voting for episode 4 closed October 4th, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for him to do this: Thank Darius for bringing it to his attention. Tell him he’ll consider it, but that he needs to get back to the bar to discuss it with his new assistant Sophy first.

Episode 5

Kester cleared his throat, thinking about it for a moment.

“First of all,” he said eventually. “I’d like to point out that I couldn’t give a damn what my brother thought of me.” He adjusted the trilby on his head somewhat elegantly. “Having got that off my chest, I’d like to thank you for bringing the case to my attention.”

“Eh, no problemo,” Darius shrugged. “You did a favour for me so…only fair I do a favour for you.” He walked over to the desk and lifted up his shirt, examining the injuries to his ribs with a wince.

Kester felt a bit sick. He couldn’t stand the sight of blood.

“I’d uh…I’d better get going,” he announced, getting to his feet. “I need to get back to the bar and discuss this case further with my sidek-I mean…assistant.”

 With a final handshake and a goodbye, Kester left Darius alone to patch up his wounds and made his way through campus and back to the pub.

The warm, welcoming yellow lights were in sight and the sounds of students chatting and drinking and enjoying themselves already reaching his ears when –


 A piercing scream filled the air.

Kester froze, terrified for a moment. It sounded like a woman’s, but he couldn’t be too sure. And it was definitely coming from the direction of the bar. Listening again, he realized that everyone had stopped talking inside and a strange hush had descended.

He was only a few meters away by now so raced on ahead and burst through the doors. Several people turned to look at him, Sophy included. She hadn’t moved from her position at the bar and she jumped off the stool, grabbing him by the arm.

“You missed all the action,” she hissed, an excited gleam in her eyes.

“Who was that screaming?”

“Mrs. Thorborn,” she answered. Kester was none the wiser and his blank look obviously betrayed him. “Mr. Thorborn’s wife?”

“Yeah, I gathered that much, Sophy,” he rolled his eyes at her.

“Timothy and Felicity Thorborn. They’re the people who run this pub.”

She pointed to the other side of the bar where the scruffy, tall man with short sandy blonde hair was furiously counting through notes of money from the cash register. His wife, Felicity, the one who had let out the scream, was much shorter than him, shorter than most of the people in the pub in fact. Plump and round, with a grumpy face, she was currently cradling what looked like a dead cat in her arms.

“Is that…”

“A dead cat? Yeah,” Sophy confirmed with a nod. “That was why she screamed.”

Kester’s eyes widened, wondering what the hell had gone on.

“They’ve….they’ve murdered Brandy too,” Felicity stammered, sounding angry and upset at the same time.

“A murderer and a thief,” Timothy confirmed in an annoyed growl.

“Thief?” Kester looked at Sophy questioningly.

“Yeah, that happened whilst you were out,” she explained. “Timothy noticed there was some money missing. He’s been counting it ever since. It’s definitely gone though. He said it was there earlier this evening so one of the students who was in tonight must have stolen it.”

“Wow,” Kester couldn’t help grinning slightly. “This is exciting right? A real case! Our first case.”

“Our? So…is this an official invitation then?” She raised her eyebrow at him.

“Oh um, yes. Yes it is,” he confirmed, then stood up straight to address her properly. “Sophy. Would you…would you care to be my assistant?”

She frowned, cocking her head to one side as if pretending to consider it. Kester even thought she might say no. But then she slowly held out her hand.

“Put it there, partner.”

Kester gave a small laugh, took her hand and shook it enthusiastically. He hadn’t even had chance to mention the other “case” Darius had told him about yet, but that was of little importance now this new and infinitely more exciting adventure had been placed in their path. His career as a detective was finally taking off.

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Voting ended October 11th, 2013. The majority of readers voted this: Talk to Timothy and Felicity. Offer out their services as detectives and tell them they’d be happy to investigate the case for them.

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