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Lone75x99Voting for episode 4 ended October 4th, 2013. The majority of readers voted for this:  Vera’s first assignment will be as a girlfriend at a comic book convention.

Episode 5

“You’re going to be a girlfriend at a comic book convention. If you’ll look in that packet I handed you, you’ll see the client.”

Vera shuffled through the pages in the packet to see a picture of a man named Chip Killingsworth. He looked harmless enough—a nice smile, tousled sandy-colored hair. Vera was suddenly flattered that she would be his fake girlfriend at an event. She’d never been arm candy before.

“He needs someone to be Chewbacca, and you fit the bill perfectly.”

Vera looked up.

“Excuse me?”

“Chewbacca. From Star Wars. You’re pretty tall, and that’s what he’s looking for. He’s going to be Yoda.”

Vera’s shoulders fell with a lilt.

“Make sure you do what he says, too. You also work for tips.”

            The Chewbacca suit actually fit perfectly. There was something about the fur of the costume that made Vera feel warm and cozy, kind of like alpaca socks.

            She was supposed to wait outside of the convention at the Civic Center—in full costume under Chip’s stipulations. She felt like a bit of an idiot. Maybe this job wasn’t as glamorous as she thought. James Bond wouldn’t be caught in a Star Wars costume.

            Hobbling up the convention center steps was a Yoda. In fact, hobbling up the convention center steps were several Yodas, which made discerning Chip from others more difficult. Vera looked around from side to side, before suddenly spotting a Yoda standing right next to her. Chip. He seemed to be two feet shorter than her.


“Yes. Hi, Chip.” She held out a paw.

“Hot , you do look.”

            Oh, right, thought Vera. This backwards-Yoda-speaking crap. Vera wondered whether she should break it to Chip that she’s never actually seen the movies.

            In response, Vera made a growl in an attempt to capture the essence of Chewbacca. Chip’s elated smile faded into a frown, like the scroll in the signature opening sequence of the George Lucas film.

“We, shall?” Chip extended his arm, the one that didn’t hold the light saber.

            Inside, the convention kind of reminded her of “The Muppet Show.” Everyone was in costume, and there was every kind of person imaginable, kind of like a patchwork quilt of people.

“Hold my hand, you will?” said Yoda.

“Old, this isn’t getting,” Vera muttered.

“Excuse me?”

Vera let out an anemic Chewbacca growl.

            She held his hand as they walked at a pace that would be deemed slow at a nursing home. As they walked around, Vera noticed that many men and women were in elaborate costumes, some in beautiful gowns looking like characters that popped right out of a graphic novel. They were stunning.

“Would you like me to take off my head?” If Vera was going to be a girlfriend, she may as well sell it. She had put on some makeup that day to gussy herself up a bit.

Chip’s Yoda ears twitched as he shot her a death stare.

“Ooookay,” Vera said.

            Since she was looking down at Chip, Vera wasn’t paying attention and ran into someone—well, gingerly walked into someone.


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Voting for episode 5 ended October 11th, 2013. The majority of readers voted for: Cole, the hottie clerk at Loan Some.

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