BriarLeigh75x99Voting for episode 8 closed September 27, 2013.  The majority of readers voted: Eric’s father knows nothing of his son’s secret.

Episode 9

       After many weeks of following Eric’s dad around waiting for a full moon or, any sign that he was a werewolf. Tyler was finally one hundred percent sure Eric’s dad was definitely not involved in his sons werewolf activities. Afraid for the coven Tyler went home to tell Charles of his discovery and to put together a search party to find Eric.

Instead, Charles decided to leave on his own to find and kill Eric.

       Briarleigh had overheard her grandfather talking to his friend Tyler. She now knew that Eric was a werewolf and that werewolves killed vampires. What she didn’t know was that her grandfather had every intention of killing Eric first. Wanting badly to tell Eric how she felt about him she decided to follow her grandfather.

       Instead of taking the train Charles decided to drive himself. After loading his bags he went back inside to pack a sandwich knowing the drive was rather long. This is when Briarleigh snuck out and hid in the very back of her grandfather’s SUV. Upon hearing the driver door close Briarleigh, having brought along her pillow and blanket, laid down and fell asleep.

       It was nearly five in the morning when Charles finally pulled into town. He went yet again to the only motel and checked in. Had he known the surprise waiting for him when he went to get his bags, he might have thought twice about taking the last and smallest room available.

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Voting for episode 9 closed October 4th, 2013.  The majority of readers voted: Explains to Briarleigh the danger Eric puts everyone in and why he must die.

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