The Hapless Detectives

Dectective75x99Episode 2

Voting for episode 1 closed September 13, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for this: Kester approaches Sophy Ruskin for the sidekick position.

Kester knocked back the rest of his whiskey and soda, giving himself the extra courage needed to approach and hire his new sidekick. Then he stood up from the bar and hesitantly approached the table where Sophy Ruskin was sat chatting with two other female friends. She seemed as though she was only half listening to their conversation and Kester got the impression he’d actually be rescuing her from the boredom of the two fashionistas talking about the “fit” boys they fancied on campus.

“Excuse me,” he cleared his throat in a loud exaggerated fashion. “It’s Sophy, right?”
“Er, yes,” she looked up at him, surprised that he knew her name. He wasn’t normally very good with names but he’d made an effort to memorise hers.
“I wondered if I could have a quick word…in private.” He looked at the girls pointedly.
Sophy smirked and got to her feet, walking towards the bar and ordering herself another drink, her eyes beckoning Kester to follow. He did so.
“You may have heard of me,” he introduced himself with an air of authority.
“My name is Kester Norwood and I’m a private detective. The best in London.”
“I seriously doubt that,” Sophy gave him a sceptical look. “Most arrogant in London, more like.”
“The thing is,” he continued, completely ignoring her previous statement. “I need a sidekick and I was wondering if – ”

His question was interrupted by the sudden crash of broken glass from across the other side of the bar, followed by an angry shout and the scuffling of feet. Two male students were squaring up to each other, ready for a fight. A punch was thrown and one of them went sprawling across a table, drinks flying everywhere. Then his mate got involved, two of them beginning to lay kicks and punches into the poor chap now lying huddled up on the floor.

Kester and Sophy just gaped in amazement, like the rest of the students, nobody quite knowing how to react.
“We’ve got to do something!” Sophy said finally, erupting into life and grabbing Kester by the arm.

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Voting for episode 2 ended September 20, 2013. The majority of readers voted for Kester to wade in and try to stop the fight himself.

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