Heart of Palms

Palms114x150Voting for episode 6 closed September 13, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for this to happen next: The EMTs leaving with a white sheet over a dead body on the stretcher.

Episode 7

As Veronica walked up to the Ivy’s house, an old Victorian style home with a huge front porch that was a little eerie at night since it was always so dimly lit. Now it was especially creepy as she could clearly see a body covered by a white sheet being taken away. Veronica panicked figuring something must have happened to Ivy. She then ran up to the house to see a camera flashing. Standing there was Denny, shooting photos of the whole scene.

She grabbed him, “Denny, is that Ivy? It can’t be, it can’t be Ivy, please tell me?”  she cried.

“No, no Ivy’s not here now, this is some dude that Bella found dead on the porch. She stopped by to show Ivy her dress and found the dead guy on the porch covered in blood. Weird, huh? She freaked out and called me screaming. I came as fast as I could but by the time I got here the police had her. They said she had to go in for questioning,” he quickly described.

“Well why didn’t you go with her? She must be scared to death. She’s never seen a dead body,” she said as she thought of poor Bella finding this scene. She had always been sheltered from the ugly, dirty things in life. She was a sensitive child, certainly not street-wise, living in a safe and extremely comfortable world.

“I tried but they said I couldn’t go but I called this attorney I know and told her NOT to answer questions until he got there. I was just finishing up a couple pics and hoping to catch Ivy to tell her what happened,” he explained.  “Bella said Ivy just went to the market and that’s why she was going to just wait on the porch until she got back. She must have dropped the dress when she saw the body so I found it and it’s in my car.”

Veronica rolled her eyes. What a hero…he saved the dress, she thought sarcastically. Bella shouldn’t be at the police station by herself and with some second-rate attorney. “Stay here and wait for Ivy, I’ll get our family attorney down there immediately,” she ordered as she dialed him on the phone and left quickly.

As the ambulance pulled away, with no lights flashing anymore, Ivy rounded the corner down the block with her bag from the market filled with fruit and an assortment of herbal teas. She had left her phone at home on purpose. She knew what was happening and took her time before coming home.

Ever since Bella had been chosen to compete on this national talent show, Ivy had been thinking about how her little Bebe might just be quite useful. In order for her to be useful, Ivy needed to introduce her to some chaos. Her plan wouldn’t work if some chaos didn’t interfere with her life. Bella was 21 now so she was fair game to use like the others. Plus, she was such a soft girl. She needed to toughen up by experiencing the unpleasant things in life.

Ivy wasn’t afraid of using her intuition and brilliance to make chaos happen. She had simply gone to the other side of town where many homeless people lived under a bridge. Armed with a bottle of vodka laced with enough cyanide to kill an elephant, she simply charmed an old toothless man with a love alcohol. The poor man guzzled the bottle so quickly he never had a chance. No one would miss him; no one would look for him, and if he couldn’t do anything with this life on this earth then certainly the afterlife would be a better option. This wasn’t Ivy’s first time taking away life either.

She loaded the body into a large garbage container with wheels on the bottom so she could wheel him to her SUV and unload him. Later after it was dark, she wheeled him down her driveway to the front porch, threw a blanket over the top, tipped it over and pulled him out onto the porch for Bella to find when she came over. Once Bella called that she was on her way, Ivy removed the blanket, threw some cow’s blood on him for a more dramatic scene and then walked down the street. Over the phone, she told Bella that she was just at the market but would be home in a moment so she could go ahead and wait on the porch.

Bella was horrified when she saw the bloody dead man and then further traumatized by the police loading her into a police car and demanding she come in for questioning. She wasn’t arrested but it sure felt like they must think she murdered this person. She had never been so scared. Once she gets to the station, she. . .

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Voting for episode 7 ended September 20, 2013. The majority of readers voted for her to: Enter the questioning room with no counsel and start answering questions from the police


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