Love Spells

LoveSpells114x150Voting for episode 5 closed September 6, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for this to happen next: Angelique sends messages to three different men saying she will be waiting on the lakefront public beach in town to be picked up by whoever comes first.

Episode 6

When she took the phone from Andrew, she logged in as herself and wrote messages to three of the men she had first met on Facebook. To each one she said she would be waiting on the lakefront public beach in town for him to come and pick her up. He would know her from her lavender bikini. She was so mad she didn’t care who it was. Whoever came first.  But she didn’t tell any of them that. She wanted to be sure somebody would come. Then she went in to throw on a shirt and put her clothes in her bag again. She stuck the rest of her money in the pocket of her shirt, put her shoes on and walked out the door slamming it behind her almost pulling the door off its hinges. As she was walking away she heard David go in through the same door that caught after him. She thought she heard David and Andrew laughing a little, but she wasn’t sure.

By the time she had walked the mile to the beach the sun was beating down. The beach was crowded with little kids. She sat down next to one who was building a sand castle. It was a girl with a sun hat that had sunglasses sewn into the hat. Weird little kid. The girl was using the bucket to make a mold and dump it upside down. The sand was too dry to stick together so it kept falling apart. The little girl’s mother was busy texting on her phone. She just sat for a while watching the girl who must have been three or four. After two more tries where the sand fell apart, she leaned over and told the little girl to go fill the bucket half full with water from the lake and bring it back. She showed her how to fill the rest of the bucket up with sand. The little girl started to tip it to make a mold again, but she stopped her. She showed her how to drip the sand out with her hands one drip at a time to make a drip drop castle that would stick together. Her own mother had shown her once a long time ago. A few minutes, later a shadow fell across her and the little girl. She looked up. “Well girl,” he said to her, “Are you ready to take that trip to Disney World.? I got plenty of money, just need some company. ” He picked up her bag. Pulled her up with his hand. Gave her a hug and put his arm around her to lead her to his truck. She waved to the little girl with the drip drop castle. He was Chuck. He was a lot older than Andrew or David. She remembered from his profile he was almost thirty. He had a beard, shaved head, sunglasses.  She climbed up in his truck like she had been doing that all along. The truck had big tires and was sitting up high. So was she.

He took the back road from behind the new Walmart. She knew that direction was north. But then he made so many turns she didn’t know where she was. Or where he was going. She tried to pay attention to how to find Route 18. She thought she needed to keep track of that. She didn’t like not knowing. The trip only took about twenty minutes. Turns onto gravel roads. Then smaller dirt roads. He talked to her about growing plants. Said he had been doing it since he was twelve. She talked to him about fishing. And being locked up. The last turn was deep into the woods. He stopped the truck and said, “This is it.” He helped her down from the truck. 

His place was an old cottage. She didn’t know what was different about this place. Something. Either creepy or like a fairy tale. Whatever it was, it almost made her shiver.  Three big German shepherds came running up. They almost knocked her over. He told her they were friendly. Not to worry. She began to think a place that far back in the woods could be bad. Maybe he was the one she shouldn’t have gone with.   


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Voting for episode 6 ended September 13, 2013. The majority of readers voted: Go inside and check out the house before she decides? 


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