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Voting for episode 3 closed August 23, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for this to happen next:  Angelique let David kiss her.

Episode 4
Episode 4

Angelique did kiss David.  More than once. And Andrew didn’t seem to mind.  Day after day they both were mostly sweet to her. That seemed okay with her.  David was rougher with her than Andrew.  Slapped her a little.  Wanted things Andrew didn’t.  Would forget to kiss her.  But she loved them both.  And she loved to sit on the dock in the sun. On the days it rained she would go back to rereading her book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, she always kept in her backpack.   They would all move cans to catch water that dripped through the roof.   Once it rained for two days and soaked one of the mattresses before the sun came out. They emptied the cans of water and dragged the mattress and bedspread out into the sun on the dock to dry. 

That afternoon David came back with the news that he had found shingles for the roof. They could have the leftovers from a crew working on a house a mile away.  The crew was from their community, most of them older.  They had built half the new houses along the lake.  The shingles were too heavy to haul by hand.  The crew was going to drop them off at the end of the day. They would leave them some nails. Let them borrow a ladder.  They would start the next day.  They wanted to do something to the cabin to pay for staying there.  To surprise the owner.  Even if they had decided they were not going back to the community they were honorable men, they told Angelique more than once.  She loved them.  She was in love with them.  What she also loved was not being locked up.   She loved nobody else knowing where she was living.  No police. No judge. And nobody telling her what to do.   She thought she would marry Andrew and live with them both forever.

Until things began to change.  It started with Charity.  Someone from the building crew had told Charity where to find Andrew, and she showed up by herself in a buggy that afternoon. Angelique was out on the fishing dock sunning herself in a new lavender bikini she had bought with the little money she had left when she had walked all the way to Walmart that morning.  Andrew had taken off his tee shirt and was on the roof hammering shingles. It was a small cabin and they had almost finished the roof.   David had gone to trade bass they had caught earlier for beer.  They both thought the bass run was about done for that year.    When Andrew came down the ladder from the roof and wiped sweat off with his shirt, the first thing Charity asked Andrew was Who’s she?  Charity pointed at her.  A friend of David’s, Andrew told Charity.   And it went on from there.  Charity told Andrew that she was hurt that he hadn’t come back to see her.   That it was not forbidden to come back to see a sweetheart during this time.  That she loved him more than life itself.   Charity said her papa wanted to know when Andrew was coming back to be baptized.  Andrew tried to take Charity’s hand but she pulled it away.  Tears were running down Charity’s cheeks. 

Angelique could hear most of the conversation.  When she looked from the dock at Charity in her long skirt and laced books, Angelique thought she looked like a china figurine, the kind of figurine her mother used to keep on the shelf in the living room before one of her boyfriends shot at each one of them one night when he was really drunk.   David had come back with beer, and he stood at the end of the dock just watching.  Angelique was frozen in place.  Both she and David could see Charity biting her lip but the tears still coming.  Angelique wished she had a shirt or a towel to cover up with. 

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Voting for episode 4 closed August 30, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for this to happen next:  Angelique should confront Andrew about why he had told Charity she was David’s girlfriend.   

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