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Voting for episode 3 closed August 23, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for this to happen next: As they both walk back to their cars, Oliver exchanges phone numbers with her thinking maybe they can help each other with the upcoming talent show.

Episode 4

As they both walk back to their cars, Oliver pauses a moment and decides it best to exchanges phone numbers with her thinking maybe they can help each other with the upcoming talent show. Bella happily exchanged phone numbers and she waved as Oliver’s car pulled away. Then she thought for a moment about Cole’s trial and wondered what had happened. She sent a quick text to her boyfriend Denny.

“Where r u? Is the verdict n yet? What happened? Call me” she texted annoyed that it had been all day and no update from him about the trial.

She didn’t really expect him to call, of course he couldn’t put his camera down long enough to just give her a quick update. She checked the local news twitter feed….”Cole Wells verdict: Not guilty taken to Community North hospital, assaulted by his dad, head trauma, now in surgery.”

What? That makes no sense, she thought. Cole was his dad’s whole life. Why would his own dad assault him? What did that mean – assault.  Something must have been lost in translation.


Back at the hospital, Ella had just finished her part for the press conference. She made a brief statement that Cole would stay in a medically induced coma until they thought sufficient time had passed where he could optimally heal. She was still mystified by the call with Cole’s dad and wanted to speak to him again but she didn’t know when the next time would be or what he would ask of her.

As the press conference continued on, the police answered questions next about the whereabouts of Jack Wells and what would possess him to hurt his own son. Since Cole had been a spokesperson and superstar on the Special Olympics, the local community adored him. Everyone wanted to protect him especially after he had been so clearly set up in this drug scandal.

Ella made it back to her office and just as she sat down, her office line rang.

“Ella this is Jack. I saw you on the news. How is Cole really doing?” he asked.

“He actually appears to be doing quite well. The swelling has already started to recede and since he’s in such great athletic shape, I expect he will heal quite quickly.” She said optimistically.

“How long will he be in the coma?” asked Jack.

“I believe tomorrow we will be able to take him out of the coma,” she said without a doubt.

“Listen to me carefully,” Jack instructed. “You must leave him in the coma as long as possible. A week at least…he’s only safe if he’s in the coma for now. You have to trust me. Can you do that?”

“Jack, I’m not the only physician working on him. How can I justify a whole week to keep him in the coma? I don’t know how you expect me to do that. I can’t just make crazy recommendations without support or good reasons,” she exclaimed.

“Go find his psychiatrist, Dr. Michaels. He’s worked with Cole for years and will support you on this. He knows the history and will back you up.”

“But he’s just a psychiatrist, how am I supposed to…” and just then Ella heard the dial tone. Jack was gone. Ugh, this is going to be a nightmare she thought. 

Dr. Michaels had a history with Cole but also with Ella’s father. She knew him on a professional level and he wouldn’t discuss much of her father’s case with her. She wasn’t fond of him. He had been in some hot water with the hospital administration over allegations of inappropriate contact with several female clients. He should have been fired a long time ago but somehow he was still here. 

Ella had set up regular appointments with Dr. Michaels for her dad several years ago, before she knew about his history, as her father had started doing some things that were quite out of the ordinary. They weren’t sure if he was depressed or he was just losing his mind. He was raising some chickens and a cow while farming about an acre of the family estate. He had taken up residence in a small un-kept pool house and refused to be part of any family function unless it took place at his “farm”. He had become more and more unreasonable and Ella thought Dr. Michaels wasn’t doing a very good job helping him get better. He seemed to be on the decline and only kept his appointments about once a month. Dr. Michaels never even bothered to tell Ella when he didn’t show up. She thought this was extremely rude since they were colleagues after all.

Yes, Ella was no fan of Dr. Michaels but now she had to ask for his help. He would surely think she was crazy asking him to help her justify keeping Cole in a coma. 

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Voting for episode 4 closed August 30, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for this to happen next: Ella goes directly to Dr. Michaels’ office to speak in person, in case she needs to charm him into helping her.

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