Voting for episode 2 closed August 11, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for this to happen next:  Does BriarLeigh get to see Eric again???  After months without seeing him, he finally reappears only to leave again.

Episode 3

BriarLeigh traveled in and out of the forest with her mother month after month for training and hunting, always stopping to see if Eric was in sight but he never was.

After what seemed like years it happened.  BriarLeigh was out in the woods practicing kicks on an old oak tree when she heard something moving the leaves that covered the ground.   She looked up just in time to see Eric hurrying by.  She called out to him, but when he didn’t respond she decided to follow him.

Eric had stepped out long enough to collect more wood for him and his dad as the nights were getting colder and colder.  Out of habit, he found himself walking down the very same path he had months before with only one thought on his mind, BriarLeigh.

He wanted to see her just to make sure she was all right and that her training was still going well.  He thought he could stay out of sight, but forgetting about time he ended up rushing to get home, only to be spotted by the one girl he hoped wouldn’t see him.

BriarLeigh had now followed Eric back to his house thinking Eric had not seen her.  She hid behind a near by tree and watched him enter. Eric knew she was there.  He proceeded to put the wood down and walk out the back door staying out of site.  He crept up behind her and spun her around.

BriarLeigh jumped high into the air screaming, to be caught by none other than Eric himself and put gently on the ground. He then told her of the dangers in the wood and why she should never wonder off on her own.  Being almost ten now BriarLeigh didn’t think there was anything in the woods as dangerous as her until Eric told her of the werewolves that lived in the forest that knew she was a vampire and would do anything to get her alone long enough to rip out her heart.

As they talked Eric walked BriarLeigh back to her cabin, leaving out the fact that his father was a werewolf and soon he would be too.  Eric left BriarLeigh to continue her training.  Knowing he must never see her again he went home to pack.

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Voting for episode 3 closed August 23, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for this to happen next: Where does Eric go? He leaves that night when his dad falls asleep and takes the first train to anywhere he can.

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