Episode 1

As she took the small mouse corpse from the crib, she heard a growl—like that of an angry cat.  Then a scream spiraled from the crib, higher and higher, until she felt it, not in her ears,  but in a pain at the center of her forehead.

She stopped at the toilet.   She dropped the mouse, flushed the toilet, slammed down the lid, and sighed.  What can I say to Nathan? I knew this would happen.  But it’s so soon.  Daddy and I didn’t start to kill wildlife until we were teenagers.  And the baby’s strength and speed—she caught it and tore off its head!  And she knew just what to do.

My BriarLeigh…and then she thought, for hours:  “I lost Nathan!” After talking to her father, Elizabeth learned that with each new generation in her family the vampire genes seem to get stronger faster.  With this information she realized she was going to have to work twice as hard to keep Briarleigh’s condition from Nathan. Maybe the best way to keep him safe would be to leave till Briarleigh was old enough to control her urge to feed on everything in sight.

After writing a letter to Nathan explaining why she and Brairleigh couldn’t stay, she then threw it in the trash. She packed a bag, picked up Briarleigh and drove away. Not knowing where to go or even how they would survive she decided to call her father and tell him her plan in hopes he could answer some of her questions. While on the phone, her father told her of the cabin he had taken her to when she was a child. After getting directions from him, she packed up the baby and stopped for gas.  Then they were out of town and on their way.

After what seemed like forever they arrived in front of a small hidden cabin. It looked like it had been completely forgotten out in the middle of nowhere. Elizabeth knew it would take hours of cleaning before she would be able to rest. She started with the front doorway which was so covered in cob webs they looked like little wisps of hairs. Once she finished, she opened the door and stepped inside. As horrible as the outside looked the inside was spotless.  Someone had definitely been taking care of it. But who? 

Again not knowing who else to call she picked up the phone and waited for her father to answer. After talking for about ten minutes Charles explained that once a month he sends a cleaning lady to check on the cabin and clean it. Keeping it ready for any kind of emergency. Now that she knew what to expect she unpacked her bag. Put Briarleigh down for a nap and went again to write a letter explaining to Nathan where she and Briarleigh were.

Voting for episode 1 closed July 31, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for this to happen next:  What will Elizabeth write in her letter to Nathan?  The truth, after all honesty is the best policy.

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