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Featured Serial by Rachael Ashdown – Changeling’s Choice - Fantasy


Soren is an unhappy prince. Convinced he is a Changeling, a faerie child raised by humans, he leaves home on a journey to find his “real” family. Together with only a dog and scullery maid as company, he faces all sorts of malevolent creatures as he searches for where he belongs. Soren wants to learn more about the Changelings his mother mentioned. Where does he go for more information?
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Featured Novella by Joe Aaron Serial – Paradise High - Humor

paradise-frntcvr75x99God sends teen angel Michael Night to earth to destroy every trace of humankind, but Mike has something different in mind. Can he convince God to change his plans?
Click here to read Paradise High: A Novella [Kindle Edition]


Raven-75x99The Raven Haired Rogue by John Zakour, Illustrated by John Dallaire – Science Fiction

Zachary Nixon, the world’s last freelance PI and his holographic assistant HARV search for the mysterious Raven Haired Rogue… Zach has agreed to go speak with his future mother-in-law but the drone transporting him has revealed his orders are to destroy him. How does Zach get out of this?
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Dreamland-75x99-2Dreamland by Olivia B. Pritzker - Fantasy

A young girl falls into a magically impenetrable sleep and embarks upon a series of adventures. Celia has been talking with the prince who revealed his desire to explore the world. Celia wants the same, so how do they begin their journey together?
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LoveSpells-75x99 copyLove Spells by L. Casebeer - Women’s Fiction

Angelique emerges from foster care to discover that the fast-moving world of lust on the Internet is more than she bargained for in Love Spells, a cautionary tale of looking for love in the tech age. Desperation! Angelique overheard her cousin the sheriff advising Cynthia Ann to get rid of her. If Angelique and her baby are too much trouble for Cynthia Ann, what will happen to them?
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Click here to read how Angelique’s story began… Love Spells: A Novella [Kindle Edition]

darkwoods75x99Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough - Fantasy

Caught out in a violent storm, writer Nathan Clood finds the unconscious body of a young woman in the base of a tree. Who or what is she and how will it affect Nate? Nathan has found a young woman beneath the base of a tree! After realizing the girl is still alive, what does he do?
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Also by Gavin Ough – The Spaces in Between: A Novella – Fantasy

TSIB-75x99Gremlaw once knew only happiness, but these days he seems to know only pain. The Spaces in Between tells this hero’s journey—and reveals his strange power.
Click here to read The Spaces in Between: A Novella [Kindle Edition]

corruption75x99Control Alt Corruption by J. F. Klyne - Science Fiction

An innocent online game Kingdom becomes corrupted, infecting its players and wreaking havoc in the real world. With the death rolling toward him, will Tartarus give Darrel the power that he desperately needs to save his friends?
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Curse 75x99The Curse of the Seven Pyramids by L. Hayden - Fiction

When Kristi Taylor falls asleep while watching The Curse of the Seven Pyramids, she wakes up in early-twentieth century Egypt, the curse playing out around her. Can she find her way out of the film before it’s too late? Kristi wakes up to find herself in a cave with an irate Indiana Jones look-alike demanding she get up and join the expedition. What does she do?
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rivertown75x99Rivertown by Laura Lovic-Lindsay – Mystery

In a story of unexpected twists and turns for the people of Rivertown, Mark is about to tell us how his quiet little town had secrets he has decided the world needs to know… Mark thought his quiet little hometown had nothing to hide. Mark was wrong. It began with a phone call. From whom was the call?
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