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Featured Serial by L. Hayden – The Curse of the Seven Pyramids – Fiction

Curse 75x99

When Kristi Taylor falls asleep while watching The Curse of the Seven Pyramids, she wakes up in early-twentieth century Egypt, the curse playing out around her. Can she find her way out of the film before it’s too late? When Kristi goes back to find her flashlight that night, who does she see creeping around the excavation site?
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Featured Novella by Gavin Ough – The Spaces in Between Fantasy

TSIB-75x99Gremlaw once knew only happiness, but these days he seems to know only pain. The Spaces in Between tells this hero’s journey—and reveals his strange power.
Click here to read The Spaces in Between: A Novella [Kindle Edition]


rivertown75x99Rivertown by Laura Lovic-Lindsay – Mystery

In a story of unexpected twists and turns for the people of Rivertown, Mark is about to tell us how his quiet little town had secrets he has decided the world needs to know…  Mark is trapped in the fruit market cooler while the creature stalking and killing Rivertown teens stands just outside the door. What happens next?
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changeling75x99Changeling’s Choice by Rachael Ashdown – Fantasy

Soren is an unhappy prince. Convinced he is a Changeling, a faerie child raised by humans, he leaves home on a journey to find his “real” family. Together with only a dog and scullery maid as company, he faces all sorts of malevolent creatures as he searches for where he belongs. Aksel has offered to escort Soren and Linnea to the Trolls, but Soren is suspicious. Does he try to get away?
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Raven-75x99The Raven Haired Rogue by John Zakour, Illustrated by John Dallaire – Science Fiction Humor

Zachary Nixon, the world’s last freelance PI and his holographic assistant HARV search for the mysterious Raven Haired Rogue… Zach has some free time before the trip to Mars during which he has a chance to dig deeper into his soon-to-be fellow travelers. Does he decide to do that or just take it easy until the trip?
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LoveSpells-75x99 copy Love Spells by L. Casebeer - Women’s Fiction

Angelique emerged from foster care to discover that the fast-moving world of lust on the Internet is more than she bargained for in Love Spells, the tale of a teenage mother. Angelique muttered when she and the baby were dropped off along the side of the road and directed towards a shelter. A dog, a farmer and a gun. What next?
Read this episode. Look for the next episode the second week of December!
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corruption75x99Control Alt Corruption by J. F. Klyne - Science Fiction

An innocent online game Kingdom becomes corrupted, infecting its players and wreaking havoc in the real world. Readers were split on whether or not the team would defeat the final boss. Anything can happen now so read the final episode to see if Darrel and his friends walk away the conquerors or the conquered!
Final episode.
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darkwoods75x99Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough - Fantasy

Caught out in a violent storm, writer Nathan Clood finds the unconscious body of a young woman in the base of a tree. Who or what is she and how will it affect Nate? Clood and Trewana take shelter in a cave she makes with magic. The following morning, Trewana leads Clood to the middle of the island where a jumble of stones marks the entrance to her world. Greeted by a foul mouthed pixie, what awaits the pair on the other side?
Read this episode. Look for the next episode in 2015!
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