Serealities is an online collection of serial stories published each week where you choose what happens next. Become part of your favorite stories: Vote to change the story!

HOW IT WORKS: Read, vote, repeat…

The author presents a brief an episode with choices of what will happen in the next episode. Based on the majority vote by readers, the author writes the following episode and so on until the serial becomes a published novella… so, read and vote to change the story!

quantumvoyeur75x99Quantum Voyeur by John Zakour & Elena Beloff, Jose Lobo & Michael Cruz/Illustrators

Alana is a young woman who can travel through time. She and the agency using her will both be testing their limits.
Vote to change the story: Alana has discovered the truth about her past thanks to her mother, but now it’s time to face the reality awaiting her back in the lab. With this new information, what does she do upon returning?

LoveSpells-75x99 copyLove Spells by L. Casebeer

A young woman, a ward of the court until age 18, enters the world on her own terms, looking for true love.
Vote to change the story: Cynthia Ann has pointed out to Angelique that they cannot guarantee Chuck is even still alive. Angelique responds that she had a dream in which he was, but is he in reality? Click here for more of the story

contract75x99Contract of the Dark by J. F. Klyne

Business man Vance De Phial makes a deal with a dark being called a karayan, starting a war for control of New York City.
Vote to change the story: L Strider has been defeated and Aaron Fellmind’s brother, Drekken, is now awaiting orders from a Mother figure. What are the orders she gives?

THBS75x99The Hot Babysitter by Joe Aaron

As if falling in love for the first time wasn’t hard enough, 14 year old Max Goodnight soon learns, if he’s going to win the girl of his dreams, he’s going to compete for her affections against his own dad.
Vote to change the story: What does Max see out the window on the side of the church?

Lavash75x99Plight of Lavash by Gavin Ough

Gremlaw was pivotal in helping save the Kingdom in the Spaces in Between 20 years ago; can he help to save the Empire from the Lost Ancestors next?
Vote to change the story: During their meeting, what does King Lormenio have to tell Gremlaw about the Empire?

wolves75x99Lies of Wolves by Rachael Ashdown

To save her village, Karyna agrees to an arranged marriage to a so-called Viking hero. Her fate seems sealed after a series of odd and unfortunate events but her road may not end as she expected.
Vote to change the story: Karyna is in the stables when a mysterious shadow speaks to her then runs off. How does she react to it?