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Featured Serial – Heart of Palms by Holly L. Aasen - Family Drama
Heart of Palms front page

A family torn apart by chaos, a mysterious palm reader with malicious intentions, and a drug ring that will ruin the lives for many involved, whether innocent or not. It is a world where all is not as it seems. Dr. Michaels has kidnapped a baby to save Cole from being killed but Maya, the baby’s mother, has tracked them down.
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Harwood front pageHouse of Harwood by Olivia Batker Pritzker – Family Drama

Two generations ago, the lives of those who will go on to shape the legacy of the Harwood house are just beginning to unfold. What secrets have been buried in time? Clarissa and Richard’s late-night rendezvous in the stable is interrupted by Rupert, the carriage driver. Upon seeing the illicit duo, how does Rupert respond?
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Loan Some front pageLoan Some by Megan McLachlan – Contemporary Women

A former librarian checks out an adventurous career at Loan Some, a company that lends out “friends” to people who don’t have any. Loan Some is overbooked with assignments at the moment, which means Cole has to fill in at the same reunion Vera is attending. What superlative did his date win in high school?
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Coming soon to Kindle, read how the story began… Loan Some: A Novella [Kindle Edition]

Raven-75x99The Raven Haired Rogue by John Zakour, Illustrated by John Dallaire – Science Fiction Humor

Zachary Nixon, the world’s last freelance PI and his holographic assistant HARV search for the mysterious Raven Haired Rogue… Zach, HARV and Carol are on Merinda’s ship to Mars. Now Zach can finally get to the bottom of which of Merinda’s staff may want her dead.
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LoveSpells-75x99 copy Love Spells by L. Casebeer - Women’s Fiction

Angelique emerged from foster care to discover that the fast-moving world of lust on the Internet is more than she bargained for in Love Spells, the tale of a teenage mother. Angelique muttered when she and the baby were dropped off along the side of the road and directed towards a shelter. A dog, a farmer and a gun. What next?
Read this episode. Look for the next episode in 2015!
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Click here to read how Angelique’s story began… Love Spells: A Novella [Kindle Edition]

darkwoods75x99Down in the Dark Woods by Gavin Ough - Fantasy

Caught out in a violent storm, writer Nathan Clood finds the unconscious body of a young woman in the base of a tree. Who or what is she and how will it affect Nate? Wood Nymph queen, Trewana, is shot while dancing with Clood and falls into his arms. After he leaves her in the care of her people, Clood discovers they have caught the assassin and she is a woman. In light of the rage and hate he’s feeling right now, what will Clood do with her?
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Also by Gavin Ough – The Spaces in Between, A Novella Fantasy

TSIB-75x99Gremlaw once knew only happiness, but these days he seems to know only pain. The Spaces in Between tells this hero’s journey—and reveals his strange power.
Click here to read The Spaces in Between: A Novella [Kindle Edition]


kingdom-75x99Angels and Demons by Raelynn Hesh – Fantasy

The world of Vampires with nine leaders came to rise in darkness with Lucifer, each one with their own gifts and talents and a special place in the new world. Lucifer, the ark angel cast out of heaven into the darkness of hell to resurface on earth fighting his way to the top only to fall in love with a mere mortal.
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