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Featured Serial by Joe Aaron – The Hot Babysitter


As if falling in love for the first time wasn’t hard enough, 14 year-old Max Goodnight soon learns, if he’s going to win the girl of his dreams, he’s going to compete for her affections against his own dad.
Vote to change the story: Max is desperate to win Tala’s affections and after realizing what he needs to do, decides to take action. What does he do?

Also by Joe Aaron – Paradise High, A Novella

paradise-frntcvr75x99God sends teen angel Michael Night to earth to destroy every trace of humankind, but Mike has something different in mind. Can he convince God to change his plans?
Click here to read Paradise High: A Novella [Kindle Edition]

Raven-75x99The Raven Haired Rogue by John Zakour, Illustrated by John Dallaire

Zachary Nixon, the world’s last freelance PI and his holographic assistant HARV search for the mysterious Raven Haired Rogue…
Vote to change the story: Saturn has finally come out at the park only for a bot to tranquilize him. Does Zach try to reason with the bot to let him go or just blast it?

Dreamland-75x99-2Dreamland by Olivia B. Pritzker

A young girl falls into a magically impenetrable sleep and embarks upon a series of adventures.
Vote to change the story: Celia has taken Rupert’s advice and left the caravan, setting off on her own in a strange, unknown city. What happens to her next?

LoveSpells-75x99 copyLove Spells by L. Casebeer

Angelique emerges from foster care to discover that the fast-moving world of lust on the Internet is more than she bargained for in Love Spells, a cautionary tale of looking for love in the tech age.
Vote to change the story: Cynthia Ann is further scolding Angelique for her talking with boys on the internet. What happened when Angelique started to get up and walk away from her?
Click here to read how Angelique’s story began… Love Spells: A Novella [Kindle Edition]

corruption75x99Control Alt Corruption by J. F. Klyne

An innocent online game Kingdom becomes corrupted, infecting its players and wreaking havoc in the real world.
Vote to change the story: The undead god, Pallas, is trying to break through into the real world. Alyssa is the only one that stands in his way. What will happen next?

Lavash75x99Plight of Lavash by Gavin Ough

Gremlaw was pivotal in helping save the Kingdom in the Spaces in Between 20 years ago; can he help to save the Empire from the Lost Ancestors next?
Vote to change the story: Gremlaw has been freed by Huleta and Neevis, he decides to hit Zhul-Quin over the back of the head. What happens next?

wolves75x99Lies of Wolves by Rachael Ashdown

To save her village, Karyna agrees to an arranged marriage to a so-called Viking hero. Her fate seems sealed after a series of odd and unfortunate events but her road may not end as she expected.
Vote to change the story: Loki seeks revenge on Birkholm for the death of the great wolf Eyulf. What sort of creature does he send to do his bidding?

Loan Some-75x99Loan Some by Megan McLachlan

Since Vera started working for “Loan Some”, a company that provides a library of people for all occasions, she has had plenty of adventures, but none were quite like this.
Vote to change the story: Vera spotted someone coming out of Marta’s apartment. Who was it?

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